Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A fabric ball in the Czech Republic

Adéla Procházková of the Czech Republic sent this sweet photo of a fabric ball she made yesterday for her daughter, Anezka.

Adéla says she is a beginning sewer - didn't she do a great job! If she can make one of these little balls, you can, too. The geometric shapes around the ball make it so easy for little fingers to grasp.

Thank you, Adéla, for sharing the photo and permission to share it. I think your ball turned out beautifully.

And thank you to google translate, which charmingly renders the title of her photo ("balonek pro male deti") as "balloon for young children."

By the way…if you haven't checked out Polly's latest post about the large polka-dot quilt, I can't help but think that it has to be more than coincidence that some favorite children's items are covered in dots. So bright and cheerful.

This new fabric ball just makes me smile. I love the way this pattern continues to roam all over the world, bringing joy to so many children! (Just in the last few hours I've had hits on the fabric ball tutorial from New South Wales, Slovakia, and Mexico.)


Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

Very fun, Mom! Always great to see when a tutorial is appreciated...and thanks for the link.

Unknown said...

It is so fun to see all the balls, from all over the world!