Friday, November 8, 2013

Weight Watchers

I've joined Weight Watchers off and on over the years. Two years ago I joined an "at work" group, which is really nice because the meetings are just there after work once a week. I'm lucky because my insurance company pays for policy holders to join WW, as long as you attend regularly (10 x in a 13-week cycle).

I'm not a lot overweight. My body mass index (BMI) is currently in the "normal weight" category.

The problem is, if I'm not careful about what I eat…and I love to eat…my weight steadily creeps up. In September I was 4 pounds heavier than I am right now, and I was at the absolute upper limit of the "normal weight" category for my BMI.

You know, that place where your pants are too tight and you feel bloated and lethargic.

So this fall I re-committed to attending the meetings regularly and making the Weight Watchers healthy eating + activity program a lifetime commitment. Even though I'm technically at a point where I could go to the meetings once in a while, I'm trying to weigh in and stay for the support group every week. It's making a difference.

It's so easy for me to be a weight-loss snob. I'm not that fat. I know the principles of good nutrition and I often follow them. I carry a backpack around in the woods for days at a time, for heaven's sake!

On the other hand, it's not as if I have the weight-maintenance thing nailed down yet, either. I've been keeping daily track of my morning weight for 6 years now, and I repeatedly fluctuate between 129-141 pounds. I'm 129-ish when I live the Weight Watchers healthy program consistently. I'm 140-ish when I don't.

Three weeks ago I bought a new tool to help me monitor my activity levels. It's called the "ActiveLink" monitor and it's just a dandy little gadget.
Here's why I like it:

  1. It's easy to wear. It's very inconspicuous. 
  2. It gives me detailed data on activity levels every day when I plug it into the computer. It also gives a quick look at my activity levels during the day so I can see if I need to take the long way around next time I walk from my classroom to the office.
  3. It helps me set goals that gradually increase, so I can build up my activity and movement.
  4. It measures all my activity, not just the 30-40 minutes I spend on a walk or other activity.

Here's a screen shot of what my data screen looks like today. Cool! I made it over my activity goal!

 Since I began attending the weekly meetings in September, I've lost 5 pounds! Hooray! Tomorrow I'm going shopping for new pants in a smaller size!

Update - The Young Women in Excellence program on Thursday night was awesome…and no one said anything to me about the Canadian spelling. 


Patricia said...

I like WW. It keeps me accountable and helps me be motivated to not eat quite as many goodies as I'd like to. Way to go on losing 5 pounds!

Holly Mayer said...

Kathy you inspire me and I'm sure many others.
I wish WW was more affordable I loved the program when I did it a few years ago.
What a fun little devise to help get those extra steps in.