Monday, November 11, 2013

Sun Salutation

For years I have wanted to be able to do the Sun Salutation. It is a series of yoga poses, and even though I tried several times, I never could quite learn it.

Then I found this video.

The description on the video says, "This video explores the traditional Sun Salutation: a simple, and effective series of Yoga Postures that invigorates the whole body. Guided by Brooklyn Yoga School founder, Lily Cushman, learn the sequence step by step with detailed instruction. No Yoga experience required. Open to all Levels. Enjoy!"

That is a good description! I did learn it step by step, and now I do at least one Sun Salutation every morning when I get up. Sometimes I do 4 or 5, and some mornings I set a timer for 10 or 15 minutes and just keep doing them. It's a wonderful workout that stretches me, strengthens me, and gets my heart rate moving.

It doesn't matter that I'm clumsier than Lily in the video. I'm getting stronger and more graceful every day. I love the way Sun Salutation helps me breathe deeply and stretch at the beginning of the day.

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