Monday, October 29, 2012

Prayers and Thank you

The rest of the here. It made me remember my days as an assistant scoutmaster. I used to tell the boys before every hike that our goal was to not get our names in the paper!

2:45 pm - The boys are safe. Info here and here. Thank you for your faith and prayers. I can't stop crying now that I know they are ok. I have been so worried about them. Maybe it's been more intense for me because I am a hiker and I know how easy it is to get turned around in the woods, and how dangerous it is to be unprotected in the wind and rain. I am so thankful that they are ok!

There is an update on the search for the boys here. Still not found as of 10:30 am today.

Please keep these boys in your prayers. I am friends with one of their grandmothers. It is an awful time of year to be lost in the woods. I will post updates as we have more news. And please keep the searchers / rescuers in your prayers, too.

A big thank-you to my oldest daughter, Julia, who posted a lovely essay about me (!) on her blog today. You can read it here. (And I hope you will.)   :)

Prayers for the people on the east coast today, too.


Julia - Finding My Way Softly said...

I hope the boys are found soon! I will definitely keep them and their families in my prayers. I am glad they are getting a break in the weather.

Julia - Finding My Way Softly said...

They just found the hikers and they are safe! The quick announcement said there were no serious injuries, but didn't have any more details. Yeah!