Sunday, May 27, 2012

Lost and Found: II

What is it with Lost and Found lists lately?
Here's the latest installment from the ladies at the church library:
The list starts out normally...collapsible umbrella, weekly-monthly planner (do people still use those?), silver watch bracelet, The Berenstain Bears Inside Outside Upside Down book, small doll with pink brush...

But then the list goes a little wacky on me:
  • 5 baby sippy cups (ewww...would I really go get a cup that might have belonged to some other germy baby?)
  • Fred Meyer shopping bag (ok, but how will I know if it's mine?)
  • "Ho ohana hou (to use again)" shopping bag (from Hawaii? I guess I'd be more likely to claim this one)
  • Nokia cell phone battery (hmmm...guess this individual really wanted to silence their phone during church)
  • Pacifier with two "front teeth" (??? I had to google this. It is seriously disturbing)
  • Puzzle pieces (how will I know??)
  • Toy vehicles and more (more what?)
  • Black board eraser (I thought the library checked these out...)
  • "Canby 1st Ward Priests - The Rocket Crew" (had to look this one up - it's not on google! - So maybe those engineer-type Priests down in Canby 1st Ward launched a rocket and made a video? Huh? Canby 1st Ward meets in a separate building...not so sure about this one)
And then, just a few days later, this in from the high school secretary:
To: All high school Staff
Subject: Staff Fridge/Freezer End of Year Cleaning

"We need your help.  Please take home any items that belong to you that are in the Fridge in the Staff Room.  Any items that you aren't going to "eat" in the next 2 weeks need to be taken home this weekend (or soon).  We will be emptying it on the 8th.
Among the items in the freezer are:  Hamburger Patties, Cookie Dough, a Turkey, Ice Cream.  It is so full the door doesn't close correctly.  This is what burnt out the motor in the other fridge.  Thanks for your help."

Seriously? I'm sorry, but who on earth would bring a turkey to school and leave it in the staff room freezer? Making it so full that the door won't close properly...and it's been there for weeks and made the other freezer motor burn out??

I confess: Lost and Found lists both mystify me and delight me. Here's to hoping that all those "Losts" find their way home!

Feeling a little "lost in life" lately? This video has a good reminder and made me smile.
There's a fun twist at 1:07. And is it just me, or is that ukulele music in the background at that point?

Oops - I included the same video through a different pathway - now I can't get rid of it! Oh well, you can listen again if you want. :)


Julia - Finding My Way Softly said...

Thanks for the video! On a tough day in the middle if a tough weekend, it is a good reminder. No matter how we may be hurt on this each, being a Child of God is the most important thing to know about ourselves.

Julia - Finding My Way Softly said...

I am always curious about lost and found things too. At an airport there was an announcement that a gecko had been found in the TSA area, and if you think it might be your gecko, please come to the TSA office to claim it. The announcement said that the owner needed to be able to appropriately describe the markings on the gecko to identify it as theirs.

Really? How many geckos do they have in the TSA office to choose between, and how many people travel with geckos