Monday, January 2, 2012

Second Christmas in Royal City

We enjoyed a second Christmas and fun family time with Polly and her crew today. We drove here last night after church. This morning we heard a whispered conversation down the hall...

Katie: Be quiet, you'll wake up Grandma and Grandpa.
Seth: I want to open the presents.
Becca: I want the dinosaur. (Apparently Seth had the dinosaurs...)
Seth: No.
Becca: Screech!
Katie: Shhhh. Seth, if you'll share the dinosaurs now, I'll let you sit on my quilt pretty soon.
Seth: No.
Becca: Screech!
Katie: Seth, you should choose the right. Don't you want to choose the right?
Seth: No.
Becca: Screech!
Etc, etc, etc.

It was fun to watch the kids open the gifts we made for them.

 Katie with her monkey neck buddy.
 Seth with a large flannel board and felt planets, sun, moon, etc. Mark did a great job helping me make the flannel board.
 Polly modeling her ear warmer. Katie immediately appropriated Polly's gloves.
 Becca adding stickers to her Shape & Color book featuring family pictures.
 Holly & David sent ping-pong ball shooters to the whole family. The sling shots were an immediate "hit." (Pun intended...)
 Later in the morning we took a walk to see the progress on Polly & Eric's new house. Wow!
 In the living room...
 Becca had fun with Grandma's laptop in the afternoon.
Katie and the monkey did a puzzle on the computer.


Dorothy said...

looks like fun, Kathy! Tell me more about those coloring books with family pictures. I'm intriqued.

Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

It was fun to have you hear and we all love our gifts. Thanks for coming and give Nana and Granddad hugs for us!