Monday, January 16, 2012

Around the World with Fabric Balls

Last week I received this sweet photo in my email:

Another fabric ball spreads peace and love throughout the world!

This ball was made by Cleo in Indonesia. It looks beautiful, and I'm sure Cleo's darling baby will enjoy this new toy.

The internet is a marvel. Who would have dreamed that a simple little pattern, shared with me in Relief Society 30 years ago, would be making its way around the world today. I am always amazed when I look at the widget map or the live traffic button in my right-hand sidebar, and see all the places that the fabric balls are traveling on any given day!

Cleo closed her email with a farewell greeting: "Semangat." Google Translate said it means "spirit," which I think is a lovely way to say farewell. Thank you, Cleo! Sending peaceful thoughts to you.

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Dorothy said...

How funny. I was just telling Ken about how many hits I get on my booties tutorial every month, and I added that I think you do as much or more for your fabric balls. And then I saw your post. Ha! How sweet that you get to see a picture now and then from the people who make your balls. :)