Saturday, January 21, 2012

Grandbaby withdrawal

We've been missing grandkids! Luckily there is no shortage of little ones for us to enjoy.

Last night little Jocyeln came over with her parents for dinner. Her mom wanted to make a fleece hat for her, and I had plenty of fleece and patterns!

Here's Jocelyn modeling her new chapeau.

Jocelyn with her personal Letia.

Then this evening we got a call to spend some time with Maple. She came over to play while her mom and dad went out to dinner. Even though she's not technically a granddaughter, she knows us because she is cousin to Ender and Arora.
She enjoyed a bite or two from Grandpa Mark's plate. What a sweetie pie! She loves to play with toys and "talk" to us about them. We've had a couple of fun evenings playing with darling babies.


Katie Lewis said...

Haha. Maple looks really excited to be eating with Grandpa Mark. :)

Glad you guys are filling the void! :)

Dorothy said...

Sweet! I find myself eyeing everybody else's babies at Church all the time. Sometimes I even get to take a turn holding them. :)

emmalou said...

I knew that baby looked familiar! She's my favorite.