Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Freezing Fog

We had a freezing fog Saturday morning. It was magical!

Fat Albert added a frosted spider web garland to his Christmas repertoire.
(But this is nothing compared to what Dorothy captured the other day.)

Sword fern...study in green and gold.
I love the way the fog-frost outlines the leaves.
You can see it even better if you click on the photo.

Holly emphasizing the prickle-points with fog ice.

Classy, sleek, elegant camelia bush.

Arbor vitae hedge going for the flocked look

Cherry trees with ice blossoms

Grassy weeds going all high-class elegant for the occasion

The stately redwood tree had some fog frost on the outer branches...

...and even more underneath!

Frosted rose leaves

Icy tangle of split leaf maple branches

Happy Winter!


Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

Pretty, pretty. We get freezing fog a lot. In fact half of our back lawn (the half that never gets direct sunlight in the winter) still has the frost on it from several days ago. I have to say your pictures are a lot prettier than our tumbleweed is in the freezing fog, although maybe I should venture out for some close-up shots. Mostly I'm too wimpy to go out in our 20 degree weather to look for photo ops.

Dorothy said...

I love the way the rose leaves look! On our morning walks lately, we've seen some leftover frozen roses, too, and they are amazing! It may be cold, but the visual reward is worth it.