Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Before and After

Before: The dining room picture wall

After: The dining room picture wall

Before: The dining room picture wall (right)

After: The dining room picture wall (right)

Before: The dining room picture wall (left)

After: The dining room picture wall (left)

Hmmm...In theory, I prefer the concept of clean and uncluttered.

In practice? I'm not quite sure yet. My family IS large and cluttered, and I love to have lots of photos to remind me of my wonderful children and grandchildren.

What do you think?


Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

It looks fine...but I have to say I think I liked the mega-collage look better.

Dorothy said...

Looks like something is missing...it may be a little TOO tidy! But that's because, like everyone else, I'm used to seeing so MUCH on that wall. It does help to make the space look very soothing and restful, and that's a good thing. Once we all get used to the extra space on the walls, it will be lovely. :)

Lisa Lou said...

so where did all the pictures go?? You do have a wonderfully large, fun family!

The Burns Family said...

mom I have to say I miss the collage of photos. it's like it is not the family wall anymore. It kinda went with the house. I loved the wall in all its non organized mess : )

Anna said...

Hahahaha! I think the question all your kids should be asking is...who got cut from the wall? You should tell them that the ones who give you good Mother's day presents get their pictures in the frames, and unfortunately there is not room for the rest :)

Also, Chris and I are eagerly awaiting your next segment. It is a fun and exciting read.

Anna said...

Uh, I think "fun" was the wrong adjective. I just meant I enjoyed reading it.

Mike said...

I have always been a fan of clean and uncluttered. However I will miss looking at all the pictures on the wall.. and straightening them as the day goes forward.

At least with these few on the wall, it won't be hard to align all of them.

Annemarie said...

As a person very unattached to your space, I think it looks more restful and clean. I still see smiling faces of the people you love, but I think that clean walls look great too. Change is always hard at first . . . But I think YOUR opinion is the one that matters most. If, in a few weeks, you are still missing the photos, PUT THEM BACK UP! It's that simple.