Friday, May 14, 2010

The Best Birthday in the World

Yesterday I turned 56. I had such a lovely, lovely birthday. I am so grateful to be here on the planet with you!

First of all, we had gorgeous weather yesterday. (It was sunny again today, and it's supposed to continue for a while.) April was a long, gray month, and we've had mostly partly cloudy days in May until now. Sunshine for my birthday! It was wonderful.

Before school started, I had to run into the library to pick up some paper. The choir teacher was there with the a cappella choir, setting up for an impromptu performance in the school library before school started. I stopped to hear what they would sing, and it was this delightful, joyful song. I stood there and listened with tears in my eyes. What a perfect beginning to my work day!

I brought some strawberries and ice cream to school for my students (high school juniors & seniors), and we had a quick little birthday party during first period. While they ate their strawberry sundaes, I put some photos under the document camera to show them that I really was young once! Photos from 1st grade, 4th grade, 8th grade, my high school graduation, working as a stewardess when I was 19...  Then I made them write some sentences about what they hope they will be doing when they are in their 50s. I wanted them to catch the vision that life is so wonderful and joyful, and that becoming middle-aged is something to look forward to.

Mark made a Pineapple Delight cake the night before, and brought it in to work to share with our teacher friends at lunch. One of the teachers brought me a bouquet of flowers, and several had cards. It was so fun to share my birthday lunch with them.

At home there were more cards and gifts to enjoy from family here and far away. Thank you, dear family! After a quick supper, Mark went with me to the Curves gym! It's usually for ladies only, but last night my Curves had a "Sweat with your Sweetie" event, which the husbands were invited to. Mark and I did a workout together. He really was a sweetie to be the first guy there, and do the workout with me with a bunch of gals around.

Back home, I had a project to work on, but I was able to set up a table next to a window and enjoy the fresh air and sounds of the neighborhood while I worked. It was peaceful and lovely the whole time. I can't remember ever having had a happier birthday.


Dorothy said...

What a joyful day! Hooray for middle age!

Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

Glad it was a nice day for you!

Ange said...

Happy belated birthday! Love the dog mountain photos...Sorry I didn't call... I didn't even call my own mom on her birthday last week..oops..I am so glad you felt loved and adored. Take Care