Sunday, January 4, 2009

Nibbles and Sips

So, I admit it...I really do enjoy the  sacrament bread and water on Fast Sunday.  I'm trying to be spiritual and all, but it's just nice to have that nibble of bread and sip of water.  Today it tasted as welcome as ever, but then I made this cool connection.

Thinking about what the spirit taught me after the sump pump incident--that the promptings are out there all the time, but we just need to learn to hear them--it dawned on me that most of the time we go through our days subsisting on a nibble and a sip of the spirit, when really there's a feast out there.  Like the difference between how much we eat on normal days and how much we eat on Fast Sundays.

Wouldn't it be cool to feast on the Spirit every day?  Instead of just nibbling and sipping?

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Ange said...

No joke, Audrey is washing the wall with my toothbrush this minute-This does not make me happy- It is amazing to me how I find more opportunities to feel the spirit of the Holy Ghost daily when I control my abrupt negative responses to any situation. My girlfriend puts a book of mormon on each of her kids cereal bowl the night before. They read before eating breakfast every morning-