Tuesday, August 26, 2014

North Fork of John Day River: Base Camp at Granite Creek Meadow

We are thrilled to arrive at our lovely meadow at the end of an 8-mile hike on Day 3.

The campsite is large, with wonderful amenities.
It has a fire ring with benches and stumps for sitting. It has a simple table.
Wow! We don't have to sit in the dirt to cook!!

It also has a beautiful meadow to enjoy, and plentiful huckleberries and chokecherries.

Water access is awesome. We can easily get water to filter for drinking and cooking, and we can also splash and fish.


Evening brings gorgeous sunsets to the west.

Oh, we love our beautiful campsite so much. And perhaps the nicest feature of all…

 …what's that tucked behind the trees???
 Yes!! It's a primitive outhouse!!!!
The floor and roof are sound, and oh, how we enjoy having our very own "facility" for the next few days.

We decide that this is a great spot to set up camp for the 4 nights. In addition to all the wonderful features right in camp, there are three different trails that lead out from this spot.

So far we've backpacked 20 miles, and we'll be retracing our steps on the way out, for a total of 40 miles.

To reach our goal of 60 miles, we will take 3 different day hikes, each 7-8 miles total. I'll post more about those day hikes soon! Each one had its own special features and discoveries.

But for now, I'll leave us securely tucked into our tents, ready to sleep after a long day of hiking.

Sweet dreams!


David Mayer said...

I love seeing all of that green in your photos!! I feel inspired just by looking.

Thanks for sharing!

Julia Taylor said...

Such a wonderful campsite. It reminds me of the backpack trip with Kuhn and Kerry and that wonderful meadow.

I still sometimes dream of falling asleep under the stats, talking to the kids from the family who had come in on horses for that night.

All of us were Madeline L'Engle fans, and we spent a good amount of the night trying to figure out what lines of power were running through the meadow. I wished so hard to wake up somewhere else, with these two friends who seemed to love A Wrinkle In Time as much as I did.

Looking back, the magic really was that 3 hard core fans found each other in the middle of Eastern Oregon, in the middle of summer, with our families, without the help of GPS or the Internet or being part of a fan club, and no one thought it was strange that we would lay in a meadow all night and dream out loud.

I can't wait to see what the rest of your adventure brought you.