Friday, March 8, 2013


I was hanging out with the teenage girls at Church during our youth group on Wednesday night. It was a lovely, mellow evening. The girls were using fabric markers to decorate pillow cases with this year's theme and visiting with each other.

I was glad to have some time to just chat with some of the girls. We were very laid back.

Somehow Sydney and I got to talking about texting. I told her how reluctant I had been to begin using a cell phone, and that I had only learned to text so I could communicate with my family when I went on a 50-mile solo backpacking trip 5 years ago.

She looked at me kind of funny, so I said, "You know, because I could get cell reception up on the ridges. I'd send a text message to my daughter that told her where I was." [Mark was at scout camp that week.] "So if they didn't hear from me in a day or so they would know where to start looking for me," I explained.

Sydney looked at me funny again, and then she said, "You know, Sister Haynie, you're not very grandma-ish."

I made some comment about my 23rd grandchild just being born a couple of weeks ago, and she said, no, that wasn't what she meant.

"My grandmother does things like, you know, wash the dishes, clean the house. Vacuums. She vacuums a lot," Sydney said. And she added, "You're not really like that."

I took it as a compliment...the nicest one I'd had all day.

Calling my mom from the PCT
Aug 1, 2008
Wishing her a happy birthday


Polly @ Helping Little Hands said...

Hahaha...I dare say you're a lot better at texting than me. I start writing a text message and then give up because it's taking too long and I just make the phone call.

Katie Lewis said...

When you start vacuuming a lot, we'll know.

Darnell Collier said...

Sydney is right. You don’t look grandma-ish despite having 23 grandchildren. Anyway, I see that you only use your phone for practical purposes. Why are you reluctant to use it? Do you find it hard to text using the keypad? Darnell @