Sunday, February 17, 2013

Welcome to Avalon!

David called late last night to say that their new baby has arrived!
He and Holly had planned for a home birth, and everything went very well.


Avalon Eve arrived at 11:20 pm last night.
She weighed 8 lb 3 oz, and she is 19 inches long.

It's a good thing that David learned lots of first aid skills on the way to Eagle Scout...because Avalon arrived about 20 minutes before the midwife! David caught Avalon successfully. He couldn't say enough about Holly, and how calm and brave she was. (David says the midwife wasn't's just that Avalon was fast!)

Here are a few more family photos.

 David and newborn Avalon

 Beautiful girls...Holly and Avalon

Arora and Ender welcome their new little sister

Love the look on all three faces...

Arora and Ender slept through the whole thing. They were excited to welcome their new little sister this morning. Just's better than waking up to a stocking full of toys on Christmas morning!

And if you're wondering how many...yes, this is grandbaby #23 for Mark and me. SO amazing! We can't wait to meet this little gal.

(PS - Many thanks to Sarah, who showed up just in time to help a friend!)


Dorothy said...

Congratulations again, Friend! You have an amazing family, and I love watching them all become even more awesome with each new experience. Hang on tight...grandparenting is an exhilarating ride as you are Well Aware! :)

Julia - Finding My Way Softly said...

So glad that it all went so well!

Bridget said...

What on earth, 23??!?!? Well done. I have to say, I love that picture of open-eyed Avalon near her mother's breast. The rooting instinct is SO adorable to me, beyond all reason! Love it.

Congratulations to the new (again) mom and dad!

Anonymous said...

I love the post Mom!

My only complaint is that in photo #2 you cropped out the placenta on my lap. I was quite proud of that! ;)