Sunday, August 26, 2012

Kansas comes to Oregon

August catch-up: Part 1

Kendra and family traveled from Kansas. They spent the first week of August with us. The house was hoppin'!

Blueberry boy: Charlie loved the blueberries...just like every other grandchild that comes to visit in July and (early) August.
There's just something so magical about going out in Grandma's backyard and picking all the blueberries you want for free...with all the permission in the world to eat every single one of them, if you want to! Abbi was a diligent berry picker. She has a wonderful ability to focus on the task at hand. That will be a help to her as she begins kindergarten this year! It was fun to shop for some school supplies with her while she was in town.

Of course Hunter (and his parents) came to catch up with the visitors. Hunter and Lilly kept an eye on each other. They're both walking, but Lilly's a little more mobile. I'm pretty sure Hunter was picking up techniques from his cool older cousin.

Hawaiian haystack is always a good menu choice when a crowd shows up. Everybody's happy with the flexible options. We loved having my parents come to visit for a few days during Kendra's stay. We celebrated Mom's 77th birthday. Here Kendra and Dad fix their Hawaiian haystack plates.

After dinner, marshmallows in the back yard! Chris shows off his skills.

Mom and Lilly. Lilly has so much personality. She gives a great "stink eye." Sometimes the expressions on her face remind me so much of a nice way, of course. She may be young, but Lilly is definitely a force to be reckoned with!

Chris requested a tutorial from Granddad on his methods for grilling steak. The boys cooked some delicious steak on my parents' last night in town.

Kendra insisted that her Kansas kiddos be properly indoctrinated into Tillamook wonderfulness. They do get Tillamook cheese in Kansas, so the children are familiar with the brand. Sadly, Tillamook ice cream does not get shipped all the way to the Midwest. The kids loved watching the little orange blocks move on the conveyor belts at the Tillamook Cheese Factory, and then we all enjoyed some delicious dishes of good Tillamook ice cream.

After the ice cream, the ocean! The kids couldn't get enough of the beach. They didn't seem to even notice our northwest ocean temperatures. Hilarious.

Grandpa Mark and Grandma Kathy know how to dress for the Oregon beach. Warm + sunshade. Notice our careful strategies to keep our hats on: Mark tucks his hat under his hood, and I keep my string snugged up tight under my chin.

Charlie had a ball at the beach.

Chris and Kendra enjoyed the time to relax and play with their family.

On their last day in Oregon City, we went to the miniature trains at Molalla Train Park, in Shady Dell. So much fun! The trains go round and round...the kids loved it all.

Max, Maleena, and Hunter joined us for the day, too.

After our picnic lunch and a few more rides, it was time to wave goodbye to our dear Kansas family. Until next time!

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