Sunday, September 5, 2010

Play time with the Grandchildren

We've had several events with grandchildren in the last few days, as family has come into the area from out of town. Here are a few highlights.

The "Super Twin" hike! We had Sam and Audrey (age 4) and Kat & Sarah (age 8) joined by Josh (10) and a few other folks. We hiked from the Oneonta Trail to Ponytail Falls and Horsetail Falls in the Columbia River Gorge.

Angela found a banana slug (on the rock) and threatened to taste it (ewwwww) (she didn't).

Josh, Hillary, and Ethan had a good time. father like son...good thing this trail isn't too long or steep!

Mark and I with all the grandkids who came on the hike:
Ethan (with Mark), Sam, Audrey, Josh (behind Audrey), Sarah, Joey (with me), Kat.

The trail behind Ponytail Falls always feels so adventurous! We had a great time on this hike on Friday. All of the grandkids are great hikers.

I got some sweet snuggle time with little Ender on Saturday morning, although he was too young to go on the outing that day with his dad and big sister and me. He's growing so quickly!

David and Arora and I went on a short hike--just under 1 mile--on Saturday morning. We checked out the Clackamas River Trail, a little ways beyond Estacada.

Arora did walk a good part of the way but she loved riding on her daddy's shoulders, too.

Looking upstream, Clackamas River. It was overcast and misty--perfect hiking weather!

We enjoyed a snack here at our "Snack Rock," and then headed back to the car.

Saturday afternoon we took some of the grandkids out for a short canoe outing in Clackamette Cove. This is me, Audrey, and Angela.

Josh, Ethan, Katie, Mark

Me, Katie, Sam, Tim

Mamas and little ones on the shore:
Ethan, Hillary, Audrey, Angela, Polly with Rebecca

Skipping rocks:
Tim, Audrey, Sam, Seth, Angela

Josh, Ethan, Hillary
This was Hillary's first-ever time in a canoe!

Thanks to Polly for taking these canoe-outing photos.


Mike said...

Looking how Josh and Hillary are seated in the canoe.. I think one them should read up on the correct way to paddle a canoe.

Looks like everyone had a great time!

Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

Love the one of all the backsides watching the rocks skipping.

Bryan Lewis said...

Ponytail falls looks really neat!

Dorothy said...

I gotta say it...that slug picture gives me the shudders big time!

Ange said...

good times... love your pics better than mine... you and ender are so sweet... congrats, you are the coolest grandma

Joshua Haynie said...

This was a great trip! Can't wait to see you guys!