Thursday, October 1, 2009


I am sitting here in the student union at PSU, waiting for my new writing class to begin in 1/2 hour. I know there will be times during the term when I kick myself for having signed up for the class, but those times will come and go. I love taking classes! I love the way I go to new places within myself when I take a writing class. (Even if those new places so often include doubts and discouragement...I will never get it completely right...)

I rode the new MAX train from Clackamas Town Center to PSU for my class! The ride is about 50 minutes, which is longer than the drive (30 minutes), but I think it will be better for three reasons:
1. The cost of the roundtrip fare is half the cost of parking at PSU.
2. I can get some homework done during the train ride instead of driving.
3. I am using public transportation, which is good for the environment.

Mark and I rode the train for our Family Home Evening on Monday, so today I rode it with complete confidence - knew exactly where it would let me off, where to buy the ticket, etc. It's nice to not have to worry about the traffic or parking. I parked the truck at the Park-N-Ride parking lot (free) at the Clackamas Town Center, so it will only be a 15-minute drive home once the train drops me off at the Town Center.

The biggest drawback is that my class doesn't get out until almost 9:00, so it will be around 10:00 before I get home. But at least the trains run that late, and I can do this. I had wanted to take the bus before this, but they don't run late to Oregon City, they take longer, and I would have to change buses. This is much better.

Hooray for the new MAX "Green Line" that opened from Clackamas Town Center in September!


ken said...

Its not as fast as driving but a whole lot more stress free and entertaining. Good for you. Ken

Katie Lewis said...

and now you can people watch on the train. :)