Sunday, September 6, 2009

Ethan's baby blessing

These posts are out of order, but things have been a little crazy with school starting up, and I'm trying to get the blog caught up.

Last weekend Mark and I flew to Los Angeles for Ethan's baby blessing. Ethan is the son of Joshua (Mark's oldest son) and Hillary Haynie. Nate and Ashley drove down from Oregon with Blake to meet their new nephew, and Angela flew down from the Bay Area. (Tim kept the twins at home.)

We had a lovely time. We stayed with Hillary's parents, and it was so nice to get to know them better--without the stress of a wedding going on! (They taught us a fun new card game--"Monopoly Deal"--which we've now purchased to play here at home.) It was fun to have all three of Mark's kids together. The weather was a little on the warm side, but very pleasant.

It was wonderful to spend time with Josh and Hillary. We wish we didn't live so far apart, and that we could see them more often!

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Ange said...

yeah! I am so glad you could come down with my dad. It was so fun to enjoy the flight to Oakland visiting with you. Good luck with this coming school year. We send our best to you xoxxoxo We need more pictures together